ECE Troubleshooting Guide

Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email (ECE) Troubleshooting Guide – Part 2

I have covered Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email (ECE) server related issues in this article. Now let’s talk about some day to day issues which agents may face and come to an admin for resolution. These issues are very basic, but you will face them in regular operations.

User gets invalid username and/or password error at login screen

Login fail error
Invalid Login

Resolution: Make sure user is using correct username and password.  Username must be same as their system login name (configured in CCE Admin) and password must be same as their Finesse login. If you are using SSO, then these credentials will be same as agent’s system login.

User gets skill or license missing error

Login fail error
License or skill missing

Resolution step 1: Make sure user is assigned ECE Mail license in ECE console.

ECE Licenses

Resolution step 2: Make sure user is assigned to appropriate ECE attributes.

User can pick/pull only one item at a time

Concurrent task limit
Multiple activities

There can be scenarios where agent need to pick or pull multiple activities or keep an activity open while working on another one, then agent may get this error. This could be an unique use case.

Resolution: Make sure Concurrent Task Limit setting on user’s ECE account is set accordingly for each MRD.  By default, it is set to 1. Concurrent task limit can not be greater than max task limit for MRD configured in ICM Configuration Manager.

Concurrent task limit configuration
Concurrent task limit

Supervisor cant login to ECE console to view reports and run monitors

Supervisor access issue
Supervisor access

Resolution: Provide Supervisor access on ECE console.

Add supervisor access
Supervisor access

User cannot create outbound activity

Outbound activity error
Outbound activity

Resolution: Assign PQ configured in ECE_Outbound MRD in CCE Admin’s agent profile.

Outbound MRD
Outbound MRD PQ

Unable to complete inbound/outbound activity

Categorization error

Resolution: User has to add classification before trying to complete activity.

Add Classification
Classification code

I also use certain database tables frequently to look out for activities, agent details, queue details etc. under eGActiveDB of ECE. However detailed DB Schema for ECE is not released by Cisco / eGain and hence there is very little knowledge out there about it. As much as you can deep dive into these tables, you will find more relevant and good information that you can use in daily operational issues.

Here I am highlighting some of the most commonly used tables. I will try and add another document with more details about these tables.

EGPL_CASEMGMT_ACTIVITY – has activity level details, i.e., Activity ID, Case ID, Contact Point, Subject, Inbound/Outbound, Queue, Agent, Timestamps, Status of Activity

EGPL_CASEMGMT_CASE – has case level details, i.e., Case ID, subject, agent ID, timestamps

EGPL_ROUTING_QUEUE – has queue details, i.e., Queue ID, Queue name, timestamps

EGML_MAILHOST – has email alias details, i.e., pop3 login, alias ID, alias name, status, pop3 server, smtp server, timestamps

EGPL_USER – has agent details, i.e., Agent ID, Agent username, first name, last name, status

EGML_MAIL_ACCOUNT – has OAuth 2.0 account details

egml_email_data – has email body

EGML_EMAIL_ATTACHMENT – has activity attachment details, i.e., Attachment ID, file type, content of attachment (stored in binary format, BASE 64)

EGML_EMAIL_ADDRESS – has email ID, Email address and Flag that holds information whether email was used in To, From or CC

EGML_EMAIL – has transactional data, i.e., email ID, Activity ID, Alias ID, subject, From and RECV email address, message ID, timestamps

I hope this information will help you resolve your day to day operational issues and if you have any specific question, do drop in a comment or leave your feedback!!