What’s special about this Blog

“Why it’s so hard to follow this “how to” document ?”, I can’t remember how many times I had this feeling when I was working on some installation and following a “how to” document, or for that matter “step-by-step guides”.  I don’t want to undermine tons of knowledge available on the internet, but many times these documents are either not well maintained with newer versions or missing some part of information which makes me look around for that “missing” part of information.  I am trying to fill up that gap with this series for some topics related to technologies like Cisco VoIP, Office 365, Asterisk, AWS and may be some more!!

So what are we getting into here ?  First of all, I acknowledge that the technology giants like Cisco, Microsoft, AWS et al provide lots of good documents.  They are very detailed and very useful to understand how a particular technology works.  However many times what System Admin wants is a document that explains what exactly needs to be done to configure a particular component, i.e., step 1,2,3 to drive a car.  This is what I want to concentrate in this series; share documents that make the reader get going with respective system configuration.

So let’s deep dive and get going!!!  If you’re looking for something specific, please drop a note in comments.